Kisi Din: The Beloved in Nature

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About the Poem

AuthorAmjad Islam Amjad
Time PeriodLate 20th century CE
Metershazaj musamman akhrab makfoof mahzoof
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“Kisi Din” is an Urdu ghazal penned by the Pakistani poet Amjad Islam Amjad (1944-2023). It was set to music and reimagined as more of a pop song by the Indian singer and musician Adnan Sami (1971-present). Sami featured it as the title track of his album Kisi Din, released in 2007. While it is not one of the most famous works of either individual, “Kisi Din” has its own charm as a modern, romantic composition.

Hailing from Lahore, the recently deceased Amjad Islam Amjad was not only a poet, but also a screenwriter and playwright. He was well-known for writing TV shows like Waris and received the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, one of Pakistan’s highest civilian honors. 

Although he is mainly known for his skill at writing nazms, Amjad also wrote ghazals like “Kisi Din”. This poem draws heavily on imagery from nature, referencing rain, clouds, thunder, trees, and stars. The speaker longs for union with the beloved and compares her to a powerful force of nature who can engulf the environment.

The text and translation below follow Amjad’s original poem, which was published in 1988 in his book Zara Phir Se Kahna. Note that Adnan Sami’s song only includes some of the lines and also rearranges their order.

Featured Rendition

Official music video of Adnan Sami’s version from the 2007 album Kisi Din

Text, Transliteration, and Translation

چہرے پہ مِرے زلف کو پھیلاؤ کسی دن

चेहरे पे मिरे ज़ुल्फ़ को फैलाओ किसी दिन
chehre pe mire zulf ko pHailaao kisi din
Lay out your tresses upon my face someday!

کیا روز گرجتے ہو برس جاؤ کسی دن

क्या रोज़ गरजते हो बरस जाओ किसी दिन
kya roz garajte ho baras jaao kisi din
Why do you [only] thunder every day? Pour down someday!

رازوں کی طرح اُترو مِرے دل میں کسی شب

राज़ों की तरह उतरो मिरे दिल में किसी शब
raazoN ki tarah utaro mire dil meN kisi shab
Like secrets, descend into my heart some night.

دستک پہ مِرے ہاتھ کی کھُل جاؤ کسی دن

दस्तक पे मिरे हाथ की खुल जाओ किसी दिन
dastak pe mire haatH ki kHul jaao kisi din
Upon [hearing] the knock from my hand, open up someday!

پیڑوں کی طرح حُسن کی بارش میں نہا لوں

पेड़ों की तरह हुस्न की बारिश में नहा लूं
peRoN ki tarah husn ki baarish meN naha looN
Like trees, let me bathe in the rains of your beauty!

بادل کی طرح جھوم کے گھِر آؤ کسی دن

बादल की तरह झूम के घिर आओ किसी दिन
baadal ki tarah jHoom ke gHir aao kisi din
Like clouds, swoop down and gather round me someday!

خوشبو کی طرح گزرو مِرے دل کی گلی سے

ख़ुशबू की तरह गुज़रो मिरे दिल की गली से
khushboo ki tarah guzro mire dil ki gali se
Like a fragrance, pass by my heart’s alley.

پھولوں کی طرح مجھ پہ بکھر جاؤ کسی دن

फूलों की तरह मुझ पे बिखर जाओ किसी दिन
pHooloN ki tarah mujH pe bikHar jaao kisi din
Like flowers, scatter upon me someday!

پھر ہاتھ کو خیرات مِلے بندِ قبا کی

फिर हाथ को ख़ैरात मिले बंद-ए-क़बा की
pHir haatH ko khairaat mile band-e qaba ki
Let my hand again enjoy the kindness of the belt around your gown.

پھر لطفِ شبِ وصل کو دوہراؤ کسی دن

फिर लुत्फ़-ए-शब-ए-वस्ल को दोहराओ किसी दिन
pHir lutf-e shab-e vasl ko dohraao kisi din
Repeat again the pleasure of the night of union someday!

گزریں جو مِرے گھر سے تو رُک جائیں ستارے

गुज़रें जो मिरे घर से तो रुक जाएं सितारे
guzreN jo mire gHar se to ruk jaa’eN sitaare
When they pass by my house, let the stars stand still [due to your presence].

اِس طرح مِری رات کو چمکاؤ کسی دن

इस तरह मिरी रात को चमकाओ किसी दिन
is tarah miri raat ko chamkaao kisi din
This way [by coming over], make my night glisten someday!

میں اپنی ہر اِک سانس اُسی رات کو دے دوں 

मैं अपनी हर इक सांस उसी रात को दे दूं
maiN apni har ik saaNs usi raat ko de dooN
I would give away each and every breath of mine that night,

سر رکھ کے مِرے سینے پہ سو جاؤ کسی دن

सर रख के मिरे सीने पे सो जाओ किसी दिन
sar rakH ke mire seene pe so jaao kisi din
If you place your head on my chest and fall asleep someday.

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Suggested Citation

Shad, Hamza. “Kisi Din: The Beloved in Nature”. The Khusrau Circle. 11 May 2023.